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In sync with you

In sync with you

Good Silicon+TM

so good?

Silicon is a natural element

It’s a mineral already found in the body, but don’t confuse it with Silicone, a man-made substance.

It’s unique and patented

The clever bit is we’ve designed Silicon to carry ingredients, which makes them more effective. It’s our patented technology.


Loaded with goodness

We’ve created pockets in minute particles of Silicon and load them with two ingredients that boost each other.

Wrapped for freshness

We wrap the Silicon in lipids and amino acids to protect the ingredients and retain their goodness.

Outer layer
Gradient layer Skin layer

It's in sync with your skin

Lipids are an essential component of the outer skin layer which means the product is drawn into the skin.


Good Silicon+ is positively charged. The skin has a negative charge – and opposites attract – so the product isn’t deflected.


Finally it dissolves into orthosilicic acid, a natural nutrient. This has been shown to be good for collagen production and skin health.

Good for you. Good Silicon+™