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Navigating your way through buying skincare for other people can be a tricky business, how not to to get it right for the individual...

We always believe that when there is a problem, there is generally a Good Science Solution. Let us help.

We have created a gift guide by turning negatives into positives and trying to capture a more personal approach to optimizing skin health for 2020 and beyond.

The Ultimate Skin Health Gift Guide.


If you are searching for solutions for teen skin, you’ll be looking for products that offer control, clarity and confidence.

The issues that teens face are often related to overactive sebaceous glands and hormonal fluctuation, which can lead to breakouts, congestion and inflammation. Troubled skin can cause confidence issues at any age, but particularly at this young, impressionable period. Negative spirals can cause bad lifestyle choices in diet, and poor choices on skincare amplify the problems.

Good solutions focus on the positive and the goal. Our Purifying collection is ideal for a fresh start for fussy skin.

001-Pu Purifying Facial is a great way to CTR-ALT-DELETE your skin back into check. This regular reset helps soothe inflammation, calm redness, de-congest pores and achieve a more stable complexion. Treat your teen to something that will really work.

001-Pu Purifying Face Cream keeps control, protects and nourishes impressionable skin. Take the stress out of skin.


We all know someone who is looking to get that elusive natural radiance back to his or her complexion. Now, you can create incredible illusions with light diffusing tricks and wizardry that sit on the surface of the skin, or you can give the gift of real luminosity with magic that works beneath the surface to rejuvenate and brighten from within. That kind of glow you don’t wash off…that’s where the smart money is!

004-Br Skin Brightening Cream works with the natural rhythm of your skin’s repair system to restore what life takes out; strengthen the skin’s natural defenses to damage and restore vitality to the complexion.


If you have a globetrotting, jet-setting, urbanite in your circle of family and friends, the chances are they will consider you the finest gift-getter if you give them ultimate skin control.

 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream and 001- Pu Purifying Facial are a formidable partnership developed specifically to minimize the damaging effects of environmental skin stresses, clarifying skin tone and protecting from UV pollutants, enabling skin to maintain a healthy balance regardless of what life in the city has to throw at you.


Enviable skin throughout our lives is the goal. Strong, resilient, plump and even textured complexions keep people guessing!

Good skin at any age comes from achieving great hydration, maintaining strength, structure and contour, minimizing inflammation from lifestyle and environmental aggressors, while encouraging good cellular mobility and repair.

005-Fi Skin Firming Cream helps restore bounce to skin that gives an elusive timeless appeal!


Everyone needs something to save his or her skin health, post holiday craze. We are not great at looking after ourselves, investing our time in maintaining the equilibrium at this time of year. We undo all our well being mantras, burn the candle at both ends, forget to double cleanse, drink too much, eat the wrong stuff, extremes of temperature, stress ...we could go on.

The result is skin that feels a size too small, tight, breaking out, perhaps a little redness or loss of glow.

003-Hy Hydrating Face Cream is an oasis of calm, replenishing goodness to bring skin back on track, comforted, restored, balanced and protected.  Give the gift of skin sense.

All Good Science Beauty products are suitable to layer and work together, they are fragrance free, color free, sustainably developed and clinically proven to work.

Ease your stress, you can’t go wrong if you give the gift of ultimate skin health.

Happy Holidays!