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POWER PARTNERSHIPS: Melatonin and Glutathione

The world of skincare is littered with a multitude of adjectives for healthy skin: glow, radiance, illuminated and luminous. 

It’s what we all want isn’t it? Brighter and more even toned skin that shines with vitality, meaning less camouflage and distraction layered on top.

But...well, life gets in the way meaning sometimes you check in with your skin and it’s looking tired, patchy or maybe a little lackluster.

What we should aim for; however, is not situations of extreme rescue but an equilibrium for our skin to thrive with minimal rescue intervention required. To do this, protection is key. Here we’re not talking SPF specifically; although vital, we are talking about protection from lifestyle aggressors that overwhelm skin and cause it to work overtime, leading to accelerated aging effects.

So by environmental aggressors, we mean those pesky nuisances Free Radicals.

What are free radicals?

These highly reactive, volatile molecules that can fundamentally affect cellular structures.

We produce free radicals as a normal byproduct of metabolic activity and immune response. We breathe them in, create them when converting food to energy internally or are impacted by them through the environment and our lifestyle. So, what’s the biggie?

In short, when we expose ourselves to more than what is naturally produced within ourselves... Diet, environment, stress, smoking, pollution are external influences that create additional wear and tear on our natural defenses, forcing our bodies to overwork to protect, deflect and ultimately repair.

Free radicals are volatile and harmful as they are incomplete. As a result, free radicals are relentless in scavenging electrons from the body’s healthy cells to stabilize themselves. This can fundamentally damage cell proteins, membrane structure and DNA, all fundamental to health. This oxidative damage can be attributed to a plethora of internal health issues and can also be visible on the skin.

To combat this daily assault on our skin and to neutralize damage caused by our lifestyle choices, we reach for The Ultimate Skin Health protection system.

Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and enzymes that exist within the body. Antioxidants such as beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, selenium and Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E can be extracted from our diet, present in foods such as oily fish, green leafy vegetables, fruit, nuts and pulses.  

For Good Science Beauty, we believe in selecting partnered ingredients that work synergistically to optimize performance. Our 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream contains two powerhouse antioxidants stand front and center to amplify skin health and complexion evenness.

Glutathione is one of the most powerful non-enzymatic antioxidants in our bodies that helps to naturally interrupt melanin synthesis, protect from collagen degradation and support the natural reparative process within the skin structure. By interrupting melanocytes from forming, it encourages a more even, brighter skin tone.

Come through Melatonin!

The reported benefits of Melatonin to aid restful sleep and regulate sleep patterns are well known, but there’s so much more to this than getting good shuteye.

Melatonin is naturally produced by the pineal gland of the brain but also within the skin. It is well established as a way to support the regulation of circadian rhythm, triggered in response to light. Blue light, from digital devices for example, inhibits it’s natural responses as it sends false messages of light available, so it’s important to put those devices down at bedtime people! Now we know melatonin is also produced within the skin and is a powerful antioxidant enzyme that can neutralize free radical damage.

Melatonin is also highly lipophilic, meaning it penetrates easily into the skin. What is interesting about this antioxidant is that it creates an upregulating effect on other  enzymes within the skin structure, amplifying their benefit and reach. Melatonin when applied topically “tricks” the skin to stimulate the enzymes that are usually present at night, to kick-start repair. Natural melatonin production peaks in the middle of the night around 12-3am, gradually declining with increasing light.

New research is coming out constantly about the topical application and synergistic opportunities of Melatonin and at Good Science Beauty, using our proprietary Good Silicon+ bio-courier technology, we can optimize the benefit by retaining freshness and delivering actives directly to where they are most required within the skin’s lamellar structure.

We have optimized this pioneering active partnership in our 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream which can slot into your skincare regimen to boost your skin’s natural defences and bring brighter skin within a month.

AM: Optimizing antioxidant protection by boosting Glutathione, helping neutralize free radical damage throughout the day.

PM: While you rest, the skin transitions to repair and restore mode while cellular metabolism increases.