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How to fix dull skin and get your glow back

If you’re longing for that dewy glow that seems to shine from within, you’re not alone. Dull skin is one of the most common skincare issues. What’s worse is that it can be difficult to determine why exactly your skin is dull and how you can get radiant skin. Luckily, it’s easier than you think to understand the causes of dull skin and learn how to reverse it. 

“Dull skin” is often used as a catch-all term for skin that isn’t looking its best, but it has a specific meaning: dull skin is not reflecting light very well. Aside from lacking luminosity, dull skin tends to be dry, with a buildup of dead skin cells on the surface that can make it rough and bumpy to the touch. 

Like most skin issues, dull skin is caused by a variety of factors. Stress is a major player, but neglecting to moisturize, exfoliate, and wash your face regularly is a surefire way to dull your skin. Additionally, as we age, our skin cells reproduce more slowly, which leads to more dead cells on the surface which dull and dim your skin’s brightness. Lastly, even though getting a tan on vacation sounds like a quick fix for dull skin, sun exposure can actually lead to more dullness. Think about how your skin peels and dries out after a sunburn or as a tan fades — those are dead skin cells building up on your face that dim your natural glow. 

As common as dull skin is, preventing it comes down to a good skincare routine supplemented by products that really work, and bring nutrients deep into the skin. Here are some of the ways you can reverse and prevent dullness while ensuring glowing skin:

• Polish your skin a few times a week. By gently removing excess surface dead skin cells, you make it possible for new skin cells to grow and glow. Look for gentle polishers, which remove excessive surface dead skin without excessively drying. It’s best to avoid harsh scrubs, as many can aggravate the skin and cause micro-tears and irritation.

• Moisturize. Look for moisturizers infused with hyaluronic acid — this ingredient is especially helpful when treating dry, dull skin, and has hydrating power that will help replenish your youthful glow. 

• Use products with antioxidants. Antioxidants help revitalize the skin, even out your skin tone, and brighten your complexion by working to prevent DNA damage. 

Dull skin is completely normal and can affect almost everyone, but it can also be symptomatic of certain medical conditions such as nutritional deficiencies or problems with your thyroid. If you’re concerned about dull skin, consult your doctor to see if it may be a sign of a health issue. 

Explore products that can revive dull skin and help with other skin issues you may face and tweet at @GSBLaboratories to request more deep dives on skincare issues you’re curious about. Stay tuned for our post about the most common skincare complaints and how to address them.