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Guys Can Skin Care Too

Close your eyes … and think of skin care. What image comes to mind? A facial? A sheet mask? A moisturiser? Whatever the image, it almost certainly features a woman, not a man. The only skin care routine most men know is their daily shave.

Women are used to having a plethora of resources at their disposal to explore the latest beauty and skin care products. Most women love sharing their routines with friends and talk about their latest skin care discoveries. For most men, on the other hand, skin care is something ‘real’ men don’t talk about. It takes a skin issue like blemishes or wrinkles to make men venture into the alien world of skin health and male grooming, hidden behind the anonymity of their screens.

Or at least, this is how it’s been until recently. Because things are changing.

There is a new breed of men out there who care about skin care and have the confidence to be open about it. Guys like Lifestyle Blogger Darryl Wyrick (_dw06):

Lifestyle blogger darryl Wyrick and Good Science Beauty 001-Pu Purifying Face Mask"When it comes to men and skin care, I know we weren't brought up on that being the most popular topic. But what's wrong with caring about your presentation? It's everything. So to bring forth your best self, you've got to take care of your skin. Everybody wants that commanding presence and what do you notice first about someone who has that? Their face. Let’s boss up and break that stigma!”

For Event Strategist Chase Elliott (@ichasestyle), skin care is part of expressing his male identity. 

Event Strategist Chase Elliott and Good Science Beauty 005-Fi Firming CreamBeing an African American male, I am constantly being told by society how I should act within my respective environments. Often times men (and women) have these pressures to perform in a way that makes those around them more comfortable. My gender and my race, by society standards, are inherently aggressive in their presentation. So I was told to find ways to present myself in ways that made me less aggressive/more approachable... less threatening to the common person. But I refuse to dilute myself in order to accommodate the insecurities of others. Be bold in your presentation of self. Be aggressive with your shine is what I constantly tell myself.... because at the end of the day I can do nothing more than to simply be unapologetically me.”

And actor and photographer Kaelin Williams (@kaelinwilliamss) appreciates receiving the kind of compliments that not so long ago would have been reserved for women.

Kaelin Williams head shotNormally when I take my photos people walk by and normally don’t say much. But, this one guy passed and was like wow, your skin is poppin. NOW this may not seem big to most, but growing up guys with “SKINCARE” were weird, and it was almost taboo or made you seem “gay,” so this was so reaffirming. It’s CRAZY to think that there are people who STILL think having good hygiene as a guy is WEIRD!”

We’re seeing a cultural shift away from restrictive gender norms, where men embrace experiences that historically have been enjoyed openly only by women.

003-Hy Hydrating Face Cream product image with Buy Now button

So what’s behind this shift in attitude towards male skin care? There isn’t a simple answer, but there is one important driver: social media. A whole new generation of male skinfluencers has emerged on Instagram and YouTube who are eroding old gender stereotypes and who share their passion for skin care.

Here are just a few of the many we want to give a shoutout to. Follow these guys to find out more.

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Beauty Enthusiast. Complexion King. Skincare Lover.


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Partial to all things that tingle and foam, face masks, martinis (extra dry, up, with a twist), this male beauty blogger thirsts for the latest and greatest, but is persuaded only by "what works."

Instagram profile icon omgbart

Instagram profile icon Dermatologram


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Skincare Expert and creative genius (if you think we’re exaggerating, take a look at his IG feed!)


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Skincare Aficionado and Blogger. He wants people to embrace their skin even if it’s “just a little crusty”.

Instagram profile icon little_crusty

Instagram profile icon Sean Garette


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Skin Specialist, Licensed Esthetician and Founder of Sean Garrette Skin


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Skin care specialist passionate about teaching skincare.  More than 2M followers on YouTube and more than 3M on TikTok, he is arguably the most influential male skinfluencer.

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Instagram profile icon Skincarma


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Skincare Blogger and Brand Strategist. One of the most prolific skincare bloggers out there.


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Skin Care, Self Care, Theatre and Yoga Enthusiast. Skin care and mental health go hand in hand for him. 

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Instagram profile icon Yummertime


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Chris Lin and Brock share their take on the world, from eating pizza endlessly to men's grooming, skincare and beauty, men's fashion, travel, food, and everything about their relationship together.