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POWER PARTNERSHIPS: Barley Extract + Poria Cocos

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable. This is because as we get older, our bodies naturally decrease the production of collagen and elastin, leaving our skin with fine lines and a loss of elasticity. Talk about frustrating.

Though we can’t eliminate wrinkles completely, we can slow down their formation by carrying the right ingredients to where they are needed. That’s where Barley Extract and Poria Cocos come in: Our Skin Firming Cream (005-Fi), combines these two natural ingredients to restore your skin’s resilience and youthful spring.

Barley Extract is derived from the barley plant and is a natural source of Hordenine, a far too little-known skincare powerhouse. Korean scientists found that Hordenine not only improves skin elasticity but can also contribute to a more even, younger complexion. Melanin is the pigment that gives our skin its color and too much melanin can cause hyperpigmentation, like age spots or dark patches. Hordenine has been shown to inhibit melanin production, which helps prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Poria Cocos is a mushroom widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. It's rich in Beta Glucan, a powerful humectant that promotes collagen synthesis and helps strengthen the skin barrier. Poria Cocos also contains organic acids and proteins for maximum skin cell function, without impacting your skin’s natural pH levels. It also improves the local activity of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin, so your face is left hydrated.

The benefits of our two key ingredients wouldn’t be nearly as effective without Good Silicon+®.Our patented carrier technology delivers ingredients deep within your skin, releasing them over time, and dissolves into orthosilicic acid (OSA). OSA is an absorbable form of Silicon, and supports natural collagen production.

Experience the benefits of Good Silicon+ with Barley Extract and Poria Cocos for yourself in our Skin Firming Face Cream (005-Fi).