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DOUBLE TROUBLE: Partners in Skin Crime

We celebrate partnerships, ingredients that work in sync with each other and with the natural biology of the human body. We believe in simplicity to amplify efficacy.

Dynamic duos, perfect partners etc….

But - sometimes things that come in pairs - mean double trouble for skin health.

In this article we look at some conflicting skin issues that can cause imbalance and disruption to our skin health and misery to the mindset.

It’s key to remember that not all skin concerns are dictated by “type,” many are symptomatic of our lifestyle, health and environment - while others can be genetically connected.

Skin type is genetic and can be broadly categorized as: Dry, Sensitive Combination, Oily or Normal.

Regardless of skin type, we can all suffer from dehydration, acne, pigmentation…which highlights further the importance of protection from and neutralizing effects of our lifestyle choices and changes in environmental factors. These external aggressors cause free radical damage to our skin health system, depleting our natural protective skin barrier and degrading the integrity of the structure beneath. Identifying these terrible twosomes and how they can be triggered, can help lead to healthier skin choices of solutions that don’t cause other problems!

Dry Skin + Breakouts

When we talk about breakouts, we tend to think of oily skin types, but dry skin breakouts can be triggered too.

Dry skin often struggles to rid build-up of dead skin cells and surface debris, this build-up causes skin to appear dull and texture uneven, pores become congested and this creates the perfect imbalance to the skin’s microbiome to enable bad bacteria to thrive. The bottom line, insufficient exfoliation can lead to breakout.

Inevitably, the instinctual reaction is to apply spot treatments to solve the problem, but the reality is that often this can, in turn, exacerbate the issue. 

The natural barrier function of skin is like a wall of protection, retaining hydration and protecting from external aggressors that threaten the structural integrity within. Like a wall, skin cells are the ‘bricks’ that create the defense barrier of the skin, while the ‘mortar’ is the natural lipids within the skin that help maintain resilience of the wall. When we use the wrong products, we can can strip away the oils that help keep skin cells packed tightly together in a protective barrier, this can then lead to inflammation and render skin vulnerable to bacteria. 

The answer to keeping dry skin free from congestion, maintaining balance and even texture is gentle exfoliation. Avoid the use of harsh scrubs and drying cleansers that will impair moisture retention within the skin structure, instead opt for products that will gently draw impurities from the pores, clarifying and purifying without causing trauma. Mild acids or clay based cleansing / masking such as our Skin Renewing Polishing Powder and Purifying Face Mask, will help revive skin tone and refine texture, drawing out surface impurities. 

Use breakout treatments in a targeted fashion rather than all over the complexion to avoid drying and causing inflammation. Seek out products that help maintain hydration, strengthening the skin’s surface while refining the appearance of pores, such as Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. The Hydrating Face Cream helps replenish, protect and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function and moisture retention.

Oily + Breakouts

As with dry skin and breaking out, often it is symptomatic of the incorrect style of treatment that is in place. Oily skin by definition, is overactive in producing sebum. In a quest for control, often we opt for products that further destabilize the skin’s microbiome and strip out natural oils to prompt the skin to produce more sebum as a natural trauma response. 

Around we go again.

If it tingles, step away. If it leaves your skin ‘squeaky clean’, step away.

Instead, to create a light, breathable regimen for problematic skin, cleanse with the Skin Renewing Polishing Powder, this will help purify and gently exfoliate. Mask twice a week with the Purifying Face Mask and then apply the Purifying Face Cream twice a day, every day. This weightless formulation will feel less occlusive on the skin, it’s antimicrobial properties help neutralize bacteria and soothe inflammation to help avoid post-traumatic pigmentation damage.

Wrinkles + Breakouts

You would think that by the time we are facing wrinkles in the mirror, the days of pimples would be behind us? But the truth is, hormonal breakouts can occur throughout life particularly for women, especially during perimenopause. 

Triggered by hormonal fluctuations that profoundly affect the physiology of women, as the body prepares for menopause with seismic shifts in hormonal balance, these breakouts are less likely to be blackheads, but more cystic blemishes, redness, pimples and inflammation, gathering around the lower half of the face, as opposed to in puberty when the upper half of the complexion is affected.

As the body’s natural sources of strength and resilience (collagen and elastin) deplete, we turn our focus to products that help fortify skin tone and definition, lifting and firming. Meanwhile, estrogen levels are falling and testosterone levels in turn increase. This fluctuation can lead to skin that is erratic.

A wardrobe of skin solutions is required to work intuitively to manage this.

Clarify pores, cleanse skin and initiate deep purification by masking at least once a week with 001-Pu Purifying Mask.

AM - Our Skin Firming Cream helps bring a bounce back to skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while locking in hydration and providing antioxidant protection from external aggressors that further stress and prematurely degrade skin structure.

PM -  At night, the 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream works in sync with your natural biological repair processes to neutralize the effects of free radical damage, repair, rejuvenate and minimize post inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can result from breakouts.

Sensitive +

If you have sensitive skin you will be all too aware of the fine line between a contented complexion and triggered, reactive skin. 

Reactive states can be brought about by a variety of factors from stress, diet, hormones, poor sleep and self-care, environmental fluctuations to unsuitable topical products and very commonly - dehydration. 

Skin may feel tight, irritated, sore to the touch, red or it may break out. Sensitive skin can be oily or dry, so being tuned into your skin and how it fluctuates seasonally will help create a more harmonious relationship with your complexion.

Sensitive + Dry: treat skin weekly to 003-Hy Hydrating Face Mask, this new product launches early March and is a perfect oasis of calm and hydration to quench and strengthen skin barrier function and help retain natural protection from environmental aggressors that cause stress responses.

Sensitive + Oil: maintaining effective hydration levels will help stabilize skin that is in a cycle of overactive oil production. Soothe inflammation from breakout, quench skin and help balance oil production by using a partnership of 003-Hy Hydration Mask overnight and 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream during the day.

The power of precision delivery of tried and tested, trusted active ingredients to where they are needed to achieve optimum efficacy, is in your hands. 

At Good Science Beauty, we understand skin, we use Good Science to create Great solutions.