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That’s it, the countdown is booked, cars hired, plans is nearly out!

The destination is often fun in the sun, but the hedonism and release of a break from studies can bring with it a whole host of skin health hazards!

Make this a time to really connect with mind, body and soul, making time for a little self-care. Skin health is an essential component to mental well-being. Feeling in control of how your skin appears can give strength that is essential in dealing with stress and anxiety; pressures ever present during studies. 

Whether you are heading to the slopes or the coast, this is an exciting time to celebrate, kick-back, explore and enjoy some well earned time out.

Set aside a few moments at the start of your vacation to reset skin. Spend a little time to reboot from study but also prepare skin for a temporary shift in lifestyle!


When your head is in the books, you’re studying late into the night, perhaps you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed - this can show in your skin with uneven texture, a dullness, a lack of vitality and glow. 

The best quick win is to exfoliate, sloughing away that build-up of surface build-up, clogging pores and just asking for a breakout. It should be a regular part of your skin health regimen because it’s only moments to maintain this, but if things have started to slide and you need to reset - this is the perfect place to start. 

Reach for a gentle exfoliant, whether you choose AHA /BHA / PCA or a mild physical exfoliant such as our 002-Re Renewing Polishing Powder, just be mindful of overstimulating skin and creating trauma that creates inflammation and more issues! 

Clay based 002-Re can be used alone with a few drops of water, or mixed into your cleanser or left for 20 mins as a mask.

Because it’s not abrasive, you can massage for longer without risking micro-tears to the surface of the skin...this massage helps stimulate blood flow, rejuvenating skin cells beneath the surface, encouraging repair and renewal. The gratification of the wash-away, revealing smooth, even skin tone and a brighter complexion is hard to beat!

This is a great way to reset your skin, but mild enough to use daily to cleanse, especially when you are beach-side, your complexion can feel congested with suncream, sand and sweat.

Start your Spring Skin off the right way!



However good you plan to be, there is a high possibility that your lifestyle during Spring Break may be less than ideal for good skin health to flourish!

Late nights…. the wrong diet choices... alcohol….yup, it’s party-time and why not! But, at some point your complexion will go into crisis and breakout, just when you least need it.

So as you plan for your vacation, rather than deal with a skin health S.O.S, use this down-time to set an intention for self-care; preventative and restorative habits that will help provide moments of composure and mindfulness to neutralize the stress of study, while also helping detox the lifestyle excesses in the coming weeks.

We have award-winning, simple solutions for purifying skin that will give you control.

001-Pu Purifying Face Mask can be used 1-2 times a week depending on your skin’s behavior; whether you are looking at a regular treatment for an over-productive/oily complexion or a solution to lifestyle induced congestion. Comfortable, soothing and refreshing, it delivers anti-inflammatory relief, draws out impurities and neutralizes harmful toxins that threaten to upset skin health.


Are planes a good way to get to exciting places? Yes. Are they great for our skin? Not in the slightest! Are hot sunny beaches good for our soul? Absolutely! Are they good for our skin? Not so much! Is a day on the slopes an exhilarating buzz that frees the mind? Yes! Is altitude likely to leave your skin parched? Also...yes! 

Spring Break tends to mean travel and the likelihood of dehydration, sadly as we know from previous articles on hydration Water Works. Focus on Hydration, drinking water alone is not going to be sufficient. 

Wherever you are heading to, you need to build in plans to maintain healthy hydration levels to your skin as you go so that you don’t pay the price. 

We recommend prep before you travel, get the foundations in place to create healthy reservoirs of hydration within the skin before exposure to environments that deplete these reserves. 


Our newly launched 003-Hy Hydrating Face Mask is the perfect solution. This barrier recovery treatment is formulated to boost lipid content and deeply hydrate, restoring skin suppleness, strength and texture. The more resilient the skin barrier function is, the more strength within the structural integrity of the skin structure, the more TEWL is minimized and hydration is retained to preserve vitality, bounce and skin harmony. With adequate hydration, inflammation is minimized from the impact of free radicals caused by environmental and lifestyle aggressors. 

This deliciously cool, quenching mask will get to work overnight while you rest, perfect to prep skin for your vacation.

Maintain hydration and neutralize free radical skin impact with a combination of 003-Hy Hydrating Face Cream (AM) and 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream (PM).

It is critical to use broad spectrum UV protection every day, there is no such thing as a safe tan. Damage caused by inadequate safeguarding and dehydration will not only trigger pigmentation inconsistencies, premature signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and loss of tone to the skin, but this damage can also lead to abnormalities within skin cells that can lead to more serious health issues like skin cancer.

Keep a close eye on freckles and moles, to be certain that you’re not missing any changes that are concerning, remember:

Asymmetry - moles should be relatively symmetrical.

Border - smooth and consistent, jagged or blurred edges should be checked.

Color  - even solid colors are correct, signs of mottled color, dark spots etc should be investigated.

Diameter - should be less than ¼”

Elevation - smooth, flat or slightly raised is considered normal.

Be Sun Smart. Stay Skin Savvy. Enjoy Spring Break!