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The Science Behind Skincare Delivery

You’ve seen it before: sometimes skincare products just don’t work — maybe the product’s not meant for your skin type, or you’re irritated by one of its ingredients, or it’s poorly formulated. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to consider a crucial factor: delivery. If your skincare products aren’t working, chances are the ingredients aren’t being properly delivered below the surface of your skin, where you need them most. 

The thing is, to be effective, skincare ingredients have to not only be absorbed into the skin, but also be in their active form for long enough to perform their intended function. Products face a unique range of challenges to achieve these goals. First, your skin is a natural biological barrier that’s really good at protecting you from external substances. To successfully deliver active skincare ingredients past the stratum corneum, or outermost layer of skin, to the live cells in the epidermis, products need to penetrate this barrier. Second, skincare ingredients are easily damaged and made ineffective by external factors like water and air, so they have to be protected and kept in their active form to provide the most benefit. 

Our founder knew this, so she and her team spent ten years working to perfect the science of skincare delivery. The end result was Good Silicon+®— our patented carrier technology made of skin-friendly natural Silicon, lipids, and amino acids. Good Silicon+® encapsulates ingredients to protect them from environmental factors and  keep them in their active, effective form. Additionally, Good Silicon+® particles are positively charged so they are attracted to and drawn into your skin, which has a natural negative charge. As the Good Silicon+® particles slowly dissolve, their  ingredients are released over time, giving them time to work where they’ll be most beneficial. And finally, Good Silicon+® dissolves into orthosilicic acid, the absorbable form of Silicon and an essential micro mineral for long term skin strength. 

The finest ingredients in the world won’t do much for your skin if they aren’t being delivered where they’re needed most. The key to a great product is ensuring those premium ingredients get to where they can be most effective. Without proper absorption and ingredient protection, products just sit on top of the skin and their ingredients don’t do as much as they should. When looking for skincare products, make sure to consider products designed to bring ingredients deep within the skin, where they can really get to work and help you shine from the inside out. 

Read more about Good Silicon+® or tweet @GSBLaboratories with your questions.