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The Brains Behind the Beauty. Meet Our Founder: Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert

So, how do you go from researching advanced medical treatment techniques and re-imagining drug delivery systems, to creating a skincare line?

It may not seem like the most logical leap...but when you discover something special; something that redefines what is expected; what is established…when you are driven by a passion to help people…GOOD things can happen.

At the heart of a brand with purpose and promise is often a person with passion. A few moments with our Founder, Dr Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, PhD, gives an insight into how Good Science Beauty came to be.

So, perhaps the best place to start is at the beginning? But how far back do you go?

Suzanne was not surrounded by scientists, she was not born into a family of medics, so it was not a given that she would launch into a career in STEM. But, she remembers her great-grandfather being known as a “medicine man” in Iran in those early formative years, and around age 10, she remembers mixing remedies for her family in play. Connections that unknowingly, were the foundation of a life-long passion to improve treatment solutions for people.

Suzanne moved to the UK after the revolution in Iran. Working in a pharmacy to earn some money was the gateway to her discovery of medical science. Encouraged by her boss, she enrolled in the University of London School of Pharmacy, a PhD followed, which she remembers as an exciting time, exploring unknown territory in a quest for answers. 

Suzanne then founded SiSaf Ltd, born as a vehicle to channel the experience, studies and research gained from a rich, diverse experience of over 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry. She has pioneered the innovation of revolutionary bio-courier technology that transforms the accuracy and efficacy of drug delivery. 

The science that goes into existing treatments is unquestionable, but the drug therapy approval process is time intensive, cost heavy and only around 1 in 10 ever make it to market. A drug doesn’t understand if it needs to go to the head, the shoulder, the skin, or any other part of the body, which means if you’re in pain, you’ll take a high dose of a drug when you actually only need a few milligrams delivered effectively. You have to take such a high dosage because the drug needs to be distributed to the whole body before it reaches the target. Chemotherapy, for example, can kill cancer cells, but through the treatment it attacks healthy cells, which weakens the immune system.

Suzanne set up SiSaf to focus on working with established pharmaceutical treatments and developing delivery systems that would intelligently go straight to the source of the condition. 

This less invasive approach minimizes dosage rates, time for treatment works in harmony with the body. Make existing ingredients work better.


So how does that bridge into the commercial skincare market? 

“Good Science Beauty was about making something revolutionary available to people! As a scientist, I am about efficacy, results, truth.”

With the discovery of the bio-courier technology, the learning could be transferred to a market that has been dominated by marketing led claims, that existed on promises and prayed on vulnerabilities...everything on the surface. Now, she had something that she knew worked and could change skin health for people and shake up the industry with real results.

Talking to Suzanne about her own relationship with her skin, she says:

“There is a lot in life that we can’t control so for me, good skin health has always been linked to my mindset. That first look in the mirror in the morning; it can affect your mood as you naturally enter a “control and remedy” regimen rather than “maintenance and protect” headspace. 

So, my philosophy has always been control what you can, that includes my skin health.”

All Good Science Beauty products are developed by a team of passionate chemists that Suzanne works with on both the drug-delivery R&D and on Good Science Beauty. None come from a cosmetic science background they all want to drive innovation in skin health solutions and disrupt the accepted “norm” for consumers on efficacy. The company has a truly international team with different and wide ranging needs and cultural considerations, so it’s a perfect blend to assess what works or not. Everything about the company is a collaborative effort.

So two key questions to ask a brand founder: 

1) What is at the heart of the brand? What is the heartbeat, the unique quality that sets Good Science Beauty apart from the crowded skincare scene?

“We own our science. It is unique to us. It is the foundation of everything we do.”

There are a myriad of hi-tech skincare brands and Dr. brands centered around wonderful ingredient stories, but the reality is, many of these actives will not penetrate the skin deep enough, for long enough to take their optimal effect, that is if they haven’t already degraded by the time they’ve reached your skin.

The difference is that in Good Science Beauty, a unique system has been created that delivers activity deeper, allowing it to distribute into the skin as needed, fresh, completely in sync with your skin’s own biology. 

2) Where do you see Good Science Beauty in the future?

Exciting times ahead with new launches planned and a growing community relationship being formed. 

Good Science Beauty is determined to be at the forefront of delivering a new expectation of performance for customers, helping to redefine the industry motivation, cutting through the smokescreen of marketing messages and becoming a new standard in skin health performance.

The Beauty Is. It works.

Dr Suzanne Saffie Siebert, Founder Good Science Beauty.