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Smooth Transitions: Seasonal Skin Care

There is a LOT to love about Fall. It’s all about kicking fallen leaves, steaming coffee, chunky knits and rosy cheeks…Instagram perfection…..right?

Well, in part yes.

But we deal in reality. This can cause extreme stress to your skin balance and as the seasons change, we must also embrace the potential need to transition some elements of our skincare regimen with it, as we do our wardrobe choices.

So what happens to skin as the temperature dips?

A crisp fall day can leave skin feeling tingling and fresh, or....tight, uncomfortable and itch, like your face is a size too small!

As the temperature drops, so does humidity which can lead to dehydration as there is less moisture in the atmosphere and in your skin. So while we may presume that hotter weather will zap skin of hydration, actually the biting winds, colder temperature outside, contrasting to the heating of inside…an overall loss of humidity, can cause intense dehydration.

When dehydration occurs, it unsettles the natural barrier function of the skin, the regulation of the skin’s responses can become impaired and result in complexion issues like breakouts, dullness and uneven texture. No wonder that sometimes we feel like our skin is patchy, dry, congested and we’ve lost that juicy glow of summer.

So, what do we do about it?

Tune into your skin. Know how it reacts to extremes and pre-empt the changes by adapting your skincare regimen to accommodate the fluctuation in conditions, ideally before it has had a chance to manifest.

Here are a few pointers for optimizing skin health this fall/winter season:

  • CLEANSE - consider switching up your cleansing routine. If your skin is feeling a little congested or uneven, try a gentle exfoliation with a non-abrasive polish to dislodge dry patches, refine and clarify skin tone.
  • QUENCH - your skin needs hydration to fortify natural defences. Hyaluronic Acid is your friend. This super-hydrator will draw moisture into the skin and help strengthen the skin’s ability to stay protected from the effects of environmental challenge to the skin’s barrier function.
  • TREAT - introduce regular masking to your weekly regimen. Combine masks for different solutions to clarify and hydrate simultaneously. The restorative properties of masking can rejuvenate skin texture and tone, prepping it for optimized active absorption.
  • LAYER - serums, hydrators, moisturizers...your skin will need a richer solution to help prevent moisture loss and retain suppleness through the colder months. Try layering our Hydrating Face Cream with Skin Firming Cream for a richer, more nourishing alternative to build skin strength through the colder months.


Don’t forget the body too! Hands suffer terribly during the colder months, so use any product you have on your hands to help avoid dryness.

SPF remains a critical part of skin health. But then, you knew that didn’t you?!

So go grab a pumpkin spiced latte, kick the leaves up and have fun, just check in with your skin to make sure you maintain a juicy, healthy glow throughout the season and into the next year!