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Silicon - pt 2: The Good Science Beauty Magic

In part one, we explored the origins of Silicon, what it is in raw state and how man has harnessed the many benefits of this raw element.

For Good Science Beauty, it is on Silicon that our entire unique proposition is founded.


Why is Silicon so good for us anyway?

Silicon has a structural and metabolic role within the human body. It helps promote collagen and elastic formation and resilience, it contributes to bone health and aids antioxidant protection from external aggressors and their damaging effects on our system wellbeing. There are many other benefits still being explored within medical research to fully understand the benefits of this abundant micro-nutrient.

The bioavailable form of Silicon is ortho-silicic acid (OSA), this is associated with the natural formation of key skin health GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) such as Hyaluronic Acid, plus aiding the strength, elasticity and resilience of the skin structure through collagen and elastin synthesis. OSA is fundamental to the efficacy of Good Silicon+®.


So how does it work? What is Good Silicon+®?

Originally developed for the pharmaceutical industry, Good Silicon+® represents a huge step forward in intelligent active delivery in skin health management.

Good Silicon+® is our proprietary bio-courier system. It enables delivery of  volatile, delicate and potent actives through the hydrolipidic barrier / acid mantle of the stratum corneum, to target specific skin health needs and optimize efficacy and functionality.

A safe, fully biodegradable and bioavailable skin health solution is created by harnessing established, reputable ingredients and making them work harder, optimizing their efficacy on the target.

Composed of porous Silicon, liposomes and amino acids. Once in the viable dermis, natural processes start to dissolve the Good Silicon+® particles. As they  dissolve, they slowly release active ingredients. Customization allows the rate at which they dissolve to be controlled to optimize performance. The carrier ultimately dissolves into orthosilicic acid, the bioavailable form of Silicon that we get from our diet, meaning no foreign materials are left in the body.


Good Silicon+® In Action

The Good Science Beauty range has been developed to meet four key skin health criteria. These are essential focus points for consumers today in the educated skincare market.

Our solutions harness the efficacy of proven and familiar ingredients, delivering them in a more effective way to ensure the best possible results.


1: Protection.

Daily exposure to lifestyle and environmental aggressors such as UV, pollution and lifestyle choices; increase daily degradation of skin health fundamentals affecting structural integrity, hydration, elasticity and cellular rejuvenation.

Much of the damage caused is due to free radical and reactive oxygen species, this directly affects the skin causing reactive pigmentation concerns and accelerated skin ageing through loss of tone and resilience.

It is widely understood that antioxidants can help protect from this onslaught. While our bodies can naturally produce antioxidants to help protect the health of the body and skin, this is increasingly impaired with age.

Antioxidants are widely employed as actives in skincare as their benefits are understood. However, they are volatile meaning they are particularly susceptible to oxidation which ultimately renders their efficacy impaired.

Our Good Silicon+® bio-courier system protects antioxidants, delivers them in potent active form, allowing for slow release, targeted delivery and active protection remains intact  to ensure optimal efficacy.


2: Cellular Turnover

That enviable healthy glow, when skin is fresh, even and “juicy”, is a sure sign that cellular turnover is being optimized.

Skin in a lamellar structure, layers of functional tissue that plays its part in good skin health. The Dermis sits below the protective Epidermis. Epidermal stem cells regularly divide replenishing the outer skin surface. New epidermal cells gradually rise to the surface as outer layers are shed. During this process they become modified; by the time they reach the skin surface they are dead. Build up of these dead cells is what can cause congested skin, dull tone and an uneven surface texture. 

Regular turnover of the epidermis gives skin a ‘glowing’ healthy appearance. This can be enhanced through the removal of dead surface cells and stimulation of cell turnover, without physically abrasive ingredients that cause trauma to the surface.


3: Volume Restoration

Age, lifestyle, poor hydration, skin trauma and micro-damage to the skin barrier balance, can all contribute to a loss of plumpness in the skin.

One of the most widely recognized and most effective work-horse ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, is a natural component of skin, a long chain polysaccharide whose function is to lock-in moisture.

Hyaluronic acid has more limited impact in traditional topical application, as its large molecular size makes penetration through the stratum corneum difficult. In addition, activation of the enzyme which breaks down hyaluronic acid – hyaluronidase – can again limit effectiveness.

Good Silicon+® technology uniquely allows delivery of synergistic ingredients exactly where they are needed to target, protect, neutralize.


4: Dermal Remodelling

Skin structure and elasticity are maintained by two key molecules. Collagen - the support structure and Elastin enabling the skin to reform its shape - the “bounce back”.

These key structural elements are produced naturally, but this declines with age and increased exposure to external ageing factors such as UV. Good Silicon+® pairs naturally derived ingredients with proven strengthening benefits, partnering their potency and delivering them wrapped and targeted to boost the skin’s own natural defences, prevent degradation and help strengthen from within.

So there you have it. The why, where and how of Good Silicon+® and how it is used to affect the cornerstones of good skin health.

There is real magic. It lives in discovery ...and the real wizards sometimes wear white coats and goggles!