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Give your skin the Red Carpet 5* Treatment

We are surrounded by images of perfection, whether they are real or not remains a point for debate!

But what is real, what is achievable…is your best skin health.

Simple steps in understanding your skin will transform the behaviour of your complexion and achieve that glow that is so sought after.

But before we dive into how, what about the why? Why do we want that glow?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:

First impressions can last, we all know that. Without even realising it, we make an assessment just by a glance - taking in all the perceived social references of clothes, skin, hair and so on.

Research has shown through advanced clinical techniques, that as humans, we view the world through areas of contrast. It is understood that when we look at the human face, the eye is drawn to the topography or surface texture of skin.

We have historically looked, clinically, at lines and wrinkles as the main contributor to assessing age, so skin care has focused on correction of these topographic details.

However, now research into this has deepened and we now understand through advanced spectrophotometric analysis, the role that color contrast, evenness of pigmentation, has in this process of perception. Indeed, in research conducted in Europe in 2006*, luminosity of skin was assessed to add or subtract as much as 20 years in age of women (who were the focus of the study). This research in turn has transformed the way we look at skin, the ageing process, product development, positioning and the terminology we use.

So, what is skin luminosity?

Our skin contains chromospheres (haemoglobin and melanin), which produce the colouration in skin. Melanin as we widely understand, is the dominant chromosphere of the epidermis. It works to protect the inner skin cells and structure, by absorbing and scattering UV light. In young, fresh skin melanin is evenly distributed and gives that youthful reflectivity. As we age intrinsically with time, but also with our lifestyle choices and how they impact on our skin health; we can lose some of the balance of these molecules and this is where we start to see areas of hyperpigmentation.

Glow. Luminosity. Radiance. Brightening…these are among the most searched terms online when looking for skincare we consider how to reform our regimens to accommodate this knowledge.

So now we understand why we are searching for glow…how do we achieve it?

Out with the old…in with the new

If the surface of the skin is not clear of dead skin cells and impurities, this slows down the mobility of new skin cells trying to reach the surface and can affect the strength and resilience of the internal skin structure. Bacteria can become trapped which can lead to congestion and breakouts.

Our skin cell turnover slows as we age. In our 20s, new cells reach the surface within around 28 days, as we reach our 40s this slows to an average of 40 days. Without effective polishing, dead skin cells that are harder, rougher in texture, remain on the complexion causing an uneven texture and tone. Diet, hydration and effective cleansing are all critical to optimizing skin’s natural processes of renewal.

The Glow Getters

We have a range of skin solutions developed to help you manage your skin health in the day to day of the modern world. We recommend 3 skin treatments to prevent, repair and protect your complexion simply, effectively and optimizing glow.


Several times a week, gently buff the complexion to remove excess surface dead skin cells, stimulate circulation, boost cellular renewal, helping decongest and minimize pores. Avoid abrasive scrubs that can damage fragile skin.  002-Re Skin Renewing Polishing Powder is the perfect way to deep clean skin and bring radiance to the surface.


Our Consultant Dermatologist Dr Marisa Garshick says:

“To rescue the skin and restore the glow, a key element is hydration. Consistent use of 003-Hy Hydrating Face Cream, which contains hyaluronic acid, helps to attract water, keeps the skin looking soft and smooth.”


Dr Marisa Garshick advises:

“We know that UV radiation from the sun, pollution and other stressors can lead to DNA damage which can lead to signs of unhealthy skin, so committing to daily sun protection as well as an antioxidants in your skincare is essential. 004-Br Skin Brightening Cream helps prevent free radical damage that causes brown spots, dullness and fine lines and wrinkles. As a bonus, it also helps to improve the appearance of existing discoloration”



* Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute, Austria & Department of Socio-biology and Anthropology University of Goettingen, Germany.