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Getting Started with the 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream

Welcome to the Good Science Beauty family! We’re happy to have you. 

A little about us: We’re a new company, but we’ve been working on the science behind our skincare line for almost ten years and perfecting it for effective results. What makes our line unique is our Good Silicon+® technology, which ensures that our products work directly on the source of the problem that causes pesky blemishes, breakouts, or aging skin.

Our first product out of the gate is our 

001-Pu Purifying Face Cream. Formulated by our scientists, it’s been comprehensively tested and has received  positive reactions, it looks great on your shelf, and most importantly, it plays nice with the other skincare products in your daily cleansing routine.

Read on to find out how 001-Pu is in sync with you.

Meet your new skin sidekick

Big city living can come with unwelcome visitors, like smog, dirt, and grime. And if they’re in the air, they’re on your face too. These pollutants, along with sun damage, can lead to blemishes and dryness, and no one wants that.

We developed our 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream to combat the skin-damaging effects of pollution, reduce oiliness, unblock pores, and replenish your skin for a brighter you.

Loaded with only the good stuff

Our Purifying Face Cream is filled with a unique blend of anti-inflammatory willow bark and moisturizing amino acids, and loaded into Good Silicon+® —our not-so-secret ingredient! Good Silicon+® is shaped like a honeycomb, and each microscopic honeycomb is full of 001-Pu ingredients. It breaks downs slowly to release ingredients and targets the ingredients right where city pollutants do the most damage to your skin: Your pores, hair follicles and its deeper layers.

Good things take time, which is why 001-Pu releases its powerful ingredients gradually, so their effects are long-lasting rather than one-time fixes. As you use the moisturizer more, it’ll help your skin shed dead cells, clear pores, and reduce signs of inflammation as new skin cells form. Best of all, the Purifying Face Cream is made with only the good stuff—just like we said.

Don’t just take our word for it…

We’re a bunch of scientists, so naturally, we’re all about testing and proving our findings.

Before releasing 001-Pu out into the world, we conducted trials to ensure that the product is safe and effective, with results that really last. The trials found that the moisturizer reduced blemishes and improved the overall appearance of skin. Breakouts were reduced by an average of 83%, with a maximum improvement of 96% over a 30-day period*. 

In other words: It works.

We could go on, but we’d love for you to experience it for yourself.

Let us know what you think after making 001-Pu a regular in your routine! 

*Data on file. Results may vary.