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Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert on self-care

Leading a bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on drug delivery research can be exhausting. Running a skin care company based on those findings at the same time can be even more exhausting. And exhaustion and stress can lead to, well, bad skin.

Dr. Saffie-Siebert, the founder of SiSaf and Good Science Beauty, knows this. On a good day, she’ll get about three to four hours of sleep...which isn’t ideal. To alleviate some of her work stress, she prioritizes her favorite hobby.

Read on to find out what this scientist and business leader does to relax and unwind.

As an established scientist with incredible credentials, what has your experience been like as a woman who is both a science and business leader?

It’s an ongoing battle. I truly believe that it’s a man’s world, and it’s very tough. You need thick skin, pardon the pun. But it’s not only being female in this industry that makes things challenging, it’s also being a foreigner. Growing up during the Iranian Revolution made me a better, stronger person, but I have to fight to prove that I can lead.
To get me through it, I focus on my goals for SiSaf and Good Science Beauty, and perfecting the science behind better skin care. 

What’s a business philosophy you believe in?

At the end of the day, I truly believe that companies should push forward through knowledge and innovation, rather than through marketing alone. If your technology works and the science is correct, it’s easier to sell a product.

That’s really insightful. When you’re not in a lab or a boardroom, where can we find you?

I love spending time with my godson, who’s autistic. As a family, we like to go fly fishing, a tradition that was started by my husband’s father in Ireland. One day, my father-in-law took us out to the lake and taught me, and I got hooked, so to speak. 
From then on, we’ve been fly fishing most weekends when I’m not travelling. It’s the only time when my mind is at ease and I don’t think about anything else.

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