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About Face: Good Silicon+®

Here at Good Science Beauty, our skincare products are grounded in proven science and the good ingredients your skin needs. This is the first in a series of blog posts that take an in-depth look at our ingredients, how they work, and why we use them in our products.

Each product we make starts with our patented carrier technology Good Silicon+®. The “Good” part of that name is pretty straightforward, but “Silicon” might need a little explanation. 

Silicon (not be be confused with silicone, a synthetic material beloved by those looking for a little lift, if you know what we mean), is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, after oxygen. You can find it in all kinds of foods and drinks such as bananas, whole-grain bread, nuts, seafood, brown rice, green beans, red wine, beer, and regular drinking water from your tap. But beyond digesting it with our food, Silicon can also do wonders for your skin.

The type of Silicon your skin can absorb is called orthosilicic acid (OSA), which is exactly what Good Silicon+® becomes when it dissolves. OSA helps stimulate your natural collagen, a structural protein, that keeps your skin, nails, and hair healthy and strong. This all-natural ingredient plays a fundamental role in helping other key ingredients get straight to your pores. Plus, clinical studies have found strong associations between skin health and OSA intake. 

In addition to transforming into OSA, Good Silicon+® is specifically designed to be an ideal delivery mechanism for all kinds of ingredients. It’s structured like a honeycomb, with tiny containers that we can fill with different skin care ingredients, depending on what we’re trying to do for you. The Good Silicon+® delivers the ingredients over time as it breaks down into OSA.

In the case of our 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream, we’ve packed Good Silicon+® with willow bark (which has natural anti -blemish properties) and moisturizing amino acids, delivering them directly into your pores—exactly where inflammation, blemishes, and breakouts occur. The final ingredient is lipids, essential components of the outer skin that help products get drawn right into your pores.

And because everyone knows opposites attract, we developed Good Silicon+®  with a positive charge to attract your skin’s natural negative charge. This keeps our products from being deflected, and instead, helps them soak easily into your skin. 

Experience the benefits of Good Silicon+® for yourself in our 001-Pu Purifying Face Cream. And stay tuned for deep dives into our other ingredients.